Gold, pullover or cardigan, knitting kit

Bohus stickning

Gold, pullover or cardigan, knitting kit.

Design Kerstin Olsson 1960.

Recreated by Solveig Gustafsson 2006.

4 670 kr
Article no. UTEXBS065

Gold, pullover or cardigan, knitting kit.

Design Kerstin Olsson 1960. Recreated by Solveig Gustafsson 2006.

Merino wool/Angora 50/50.

Textile designer Kerstin Olsson was linked in 1958 to the company Bohus Knitting. Her early patterns produced only in a position such as color Wild Apple. Gradually she pruduced designs thar were translated into a number of colors. Green Mist, Grey Mist, Brown Mist and Blue Mist are different colors of the same scene. Kerstin Olsson could compose patterns with up to thirteen shades of the samr color and worked with fondness by slippages in the same shade. 

About the knitting kit

The patterns are developed in collaboration with Solveig Gustafsson company Solsilke and based on studies of the original pieces in the museum collection. Stick packs are delivered by Pernille Silfverberg company AngoraGarnet. 

In the original pattern, "work description" with associated color chart knitters used, indicated bust size, lenght and width axis only schematically. It was important to get more inches than the number of stitches to sew. In combination with the often complex patterns required great knowledge. 

We have chosen to do more detailed knitting descriptions, for the convinience of knitters today. Stick package models are also slightly revised and above all more relaxed. A Bohus Knitting design often came to be used for several different garnments, e,g both pullover, cardigan, hat/beret and wristwarmers. The pattern could also be varied in many different colors. This variation is also reflected in the newly developed collection. The garments are knitted with knitting needles 2,5 in a ply Danish fine wool or 50 % angora and 50 % merino wool, which is dyed by hand by Pernille Silfvenberg. Stick package contains pattern and yarn for sizes XS-XL.

Bohusläns Museums ambition is to create an opportunity for those who want to self-knit and wear a Bohus Knitting garments as close to the original as possible. Stick packages with patterns and yarn sold only through Bohusläns Museum and AngoraGarnet.


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